Pair of Sneakers Couple's Costume

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One size fits most. Up to six-feet, 200 lbs/Size 14 dress

Pair of Sneakers Couple's Costume includes:

  • Two sneaker tunics

*Note: Pants not included. Shirt worn underneath is suggested but not included.

This pair of sneakers costumes will absolutely cause people to 'Converse' about you!

This soft foam pair of sneakers is a great idea for a couple's costume. White foam tunic-style costume comes with two in the package - hopefully it's not two left feet. The front of the costume has the printed top of the shoe, including the shoe laces. There is an area at the top where you would show your face and it has some white fabric that acts like a hood to hide the inside and the rest of your head and neck. Each sneaker is purple-blue in colour with a black patch in the area around your face, where you'd slide in your foot if it were a real sneaker. The soft, white foam trim around the sides of the costumes resemble actual sneakers. The Pair of Sneakers Couple's costume definitely has 'sole', too. Well, a printed fabric with a detailed faux sole design, including a tread.

This couple's costume is a fun way to dress up for any Halloween party with your partner or BFF. The pair of Sneakers Couple's Costume also makes a great getup for a "Fun Run" or Run for the Cure charity event!