Plug & Socket Couple's Costume

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One size: Standard (Chest 42 - 48")

Plug and Socket Couples costume includes:

  • Plus piece
  • Socket piece

This is a plug and socket couples costume. This is a great gag for a party. This is a two-piece costume with a plug and a socket piece. The plug is a Poly-foam costume piece that fits around the hips. There is an elastic waistband to fit comfortably around the waist. The bottom of the socket opens up for the legs and Poly-foam protrudes from the back like a long white cord. Two gold plush-filled Poly-foam prongs are attached to the front. The socket is a full-body costume with arm and neck holes. Two felt plug shapes are sewn onto the front. The bottom socket’s holes have flaps that open up to insert the plug’s prongs. This goofy concept is great for Halloween or a costume party.