Adam & Eve Couples Costumes

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Adam & Eve couples costumes includes:

  • Adam beige jumpsuit with leaf detail
  • Eve beige jumpsuit with several leaf details
  • 2 leaf headbands

One size: Standard (up to chest 33 - 45")

Both the Adam and Eve Costume are included by Funworld. It features two beige jumpsuits, one for him one for her.

The one for him has a strategically placed leaf over the crotch and two pink nipples. This suit does up in the back with a pair of ties .

The suit for her has strategically placed leaves over the crotch and 2 leaves on the chest. This suit also does up in the back with 2 ties.

Dare to bare in these costumes as they are pretty translucent. Finishing off this costume is a pair of leaf headbands. This costume is awesome and guaranteed to elicit a few laughs from your peers. Makes and excellent addition to a Halloween party or to a Famous Couples's theme party. Watch out for the snake and the apple..