Link Breath of the Wild Deluxe | Legend of Zelda | Childrens Costumes

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Kids Link Breath of the Wild Deluxe Costume includes:

  • Tunic top with attached pants
  • Chest belt
  • Belt with attached pouches
  • Pair of boot covers

Awaken from a deep sleep with iconic costume from the Legend of Zelda, as you become Link, who must defeat the Calamity Ganon before it breaks free once more and destroys the world. You must be the one to free the trapped Zelda before the whole world is laid to waste.

The complete ensemble is designed to capture the authetic appearance of Link from the Breath of the Wild. The tunic and pant leggings are made of soft, light fabric for the best stealth capabilities, featuring a leather look chest belt-and-shoulder-strap sewn into the body suit. This is girded with the double belt, with brassy and silvery buckles, complete with pouches for storing your critical materials. The knee-high boots denote Link's familiar suede boots. And of course, no Link costume could be complete without a pair of attachable ears, the heart of Link's heritage.

A must for any Legends of Zelda fanatic, for everyday play, or for the upcoming costume season or Live-Action Role-Play event. Those addicted to the game, or seeking a chance to show their stuff at a Comic Con this year, will want this costume to wear.