Link - The Legend Of Zelda Costume

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  • Mens The Legend Of Zelda Link Standard Costume
  • Link - The Legend Of Zelda Costume


The Mens The Legend Of Zelda Link Standard Costume includes:

  • Tunic

  • Hat

  • Belt

Return to the Legend of Zelda with this Classic Link costume, when once you sought to recover the Triforce of Courage to remove the curse and rouse Princess Zelda from her eternal sleep. Be ready again to quest across Hyrule, to fight the spirit of Ganon and even that of your own shadow.

Link's tunic is made of wool-like material, bright green as only 8-bit can produce. The sleeves and hem provide a gray-steel cloth that simulates chain mail, while sewn into the garment is Link's recognizable shoulder-strap. A separate belt with two pouches and silvery buckle is ready to carry items to help you along your way. A matching pointed green hat is ready for wear, even for side-scrolling.

A great costume for left-handers (though Link isn't always consistent). Dressed, you're ready to fight every big bad between here and your next Halloween party. A fun choice for gaming expos as well. There is a whole Dark World out there to explore.

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