K-2SO Rogue One Star Wars Costume

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  • Adult K-2SO Rogue One Costume
  • K-2SO Rogue One Star Wars Costume


Adult K-2SO Rogue One Costume includes:

  • Foam padded jumpsuit
  • Hand covers
  • Two piece mask

Part of the Star Wars: Rogue One collection. 

There may be a 97.6 percent chance of failure, but why let that stop you? Prepare to join the rebellion and face the Imperial Army in the Aduly K-2S0 Rogue One Costume! You may not be optimistic about your team's odds, but as a sentient droid do you really care?

This detailed three-piece costume comes with a foam padded jumpsuit, creating the structured shapes of K-2SO’s body. The upper chest section is attached to the jumpsuit along all sides but the bottom, and can be puffed out to create a more three-dimensional shape. Printed designs in shade of grey, black, and white create the appearance of worn metal, while aesthetic stitching allows the structured pieces of his robotic body to be visualized. Thin layers of padding continue down both the front and back of the jumpsuit to the bottom of the legs. On the upper-back there are Velcro tabs to close and secure the costume on the body when worn.

Also included in the Adult K-2SO Rouge One Costume is a two-piece plastic mask, formed in the detailed shapes of the droid’s face and mouth. There is silver paint added to parts of the mask to create a metallic look and a white mesh over the inside of the eyes allows for an unobstructed view. As the final component to the costume, a set of padded foam hand covers in matching dark grey are included. Similar worn-metal details are printed onto the fabric, and the thin layers of padding resemble robotic finger joints. The hand covers are worn by slipping the attached elastic bands over the hands, allowing for comfortable and unhindered movement.

The Adult K-2S0 set would make a great addition to a group costumes when paired with other outfits and accessories in our Rogue One collection! Perfect to wear to Star Wars themed parties or your local comic-con expo! 


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