Harley Quinn Batman Arkham Knight Costume

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Harley Quinn Batman Arkham Knight Costume Includes:

  • Dress
  • Choker
  • Lace up guantlets
  • Leggings

Harley Quinn is the Joker’s biggest fan and turned herself into a villain to prove it. This is Harley Quinn’s outfit from the Batman Arkham Knight video game.

The Harley Quinn Arkham Knight dress is black with white and maroon details. The dress has a large white collar and a deep v-neck neckline. The dress has white puff sleeves with black around the hem. The bodice has a layered look with the shiny black fabric and maroon. There are three maroon stripes on the left and two on the right. The dress also has an attached chest strap that goes across the bodice. The straps are black with maroon threading at the edges. The chest strap meets at a large metal ring which the included black choker can be threaded through. The lower part of the bodice has a paneled look with the center panel made of poly-foam to add shape. Two attached straps go across the lower part of the bodice. The straps are black with the maroon edging and the top strap has two metal rings attached to it that fall down towards the lower strap. The skirt of the dress has several layers and a ruffled look. The top layer has white lace at the top around the waist. The layers are black with the maroon trim at the edges. The bottom layer has more white lace around the hem. The Harley Quinn Arkham Knight costume includes two lace up gauntlets. One is maroon and the other is black and each have the opposite color for the lace. Both gauntlets also have white lace around the wrist. The included leggings are made of a shiny and stretchy material. And have a diamond pattern printed onto the front at the top.

The Harley Quinn Arkham Knight costume is great for fans of the Arkham series of games or the Batman franchise in general. This is a great costume for Halloween, comic book themed parties or for your next comic convention. Pair this costume with a Joker costume for a great couple’s costume idea!