Graftobian 1oz Liquid Latex | Graftobian Special Effects Makeup | Prosthetics

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Unleash your creativity and bring your costume to life with Graftobian 1oz Liquid Latex! This versatile concoction is your secret weapon for crafting all kinds of stunning special effects. Transform into a gruesome zombie, a mystical creature, or anything your imagination desires. This liquid latex is your go-to potion for creating realistic scars, wrinkles, and eerie textures. Whether you're preparing for Halloween, a theater performance, or a cosplay convention, this liquid latex is your ticket to a world of endless costume possibilities. So go ahead, let your inner artist shine, and get ready to peel back the layers of ordinary with Graftobian's Liquid Latex!

  • Great for Halloween, Theater and Special FX
  • Crystal clear when dry
  • Body art quality
  • Durable