Graftobian Modeling Wax - 1oz | Graftobian Special Effects Makeup | Makeup

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Make your own injuries and FX's with this thick Graftobian modelling wax. For example: To put a bump on your forehead, 1. Apply Spirit Gum to area where wax will go  2.Tap out Spirit Gum until tacky ( a few taps with fingertip) 3. Roll wax into a ball in palm of hand and press onto tacky area and flare out and shape as desired. 4. Use a very small amount of Make-up Remover on your fingertip to smooth the wax once your rough shape is finished. 5. Powder down with face powder. 6. Seal the wax with either Flexible Wax Sealer or with Liquid Latex stippled on with a white foam wedge ( allow to dry and repeat until you have a durable skin over the wax). 7. Apply your make-up/blood/whatever. And its as easy as that. This product does not come with any additional products or adhesives, please see the prosthetics page for more options.

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