Glorious Gladiator Costume

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The Women's Glorious Gladiator Costume includes: 

  • Dress with armor detailing
  • Cape with medallion connectors
  • Braided gold headband
  • 1 studded arm band
  • 1 wrist cuff 
  • Pair of lace up shoe covers

 Bring out your inner gladiator with this glorious black, cream, brown and gold dress with accessories.  From braided headband to pleated faux leather skirt, this outfit will wow at the club or historical event.

The Glorious Gladiator costume comes with a lightweight short dress.  The dress has all sorts of details attached.  Made with four different materials, there is a lot of variety in this outfit.  The base material is a stretchy cream fabric.  On that is a shiny black fabric for leathery details.  In the front of the dress there is a strip of textured brown material that mimics rough leather.  This is all accented with braided gold ribbon.  The sides have a lace up feature for optimal adjustability.  The straps feature velcro strips, so you can easily step into the garment.  

The burgundy red cape has velcro on the shoulders to hold it into place and comes with two burnished gold medallion pins to pin it in position on the dress.  The pins feature a lion and the words theatro posvir.  A bracer and an armband are included, and simply stretch into place and hold.  The armband also has adjustable velcro inside.  The boot covers are black and lace up like the sides of the dress, and will slip on easily over low gladiator boots or heeled shoes.  Last but not least is a golden braided headband that matches the accents on the rest of the outfit.  Stretchy for an easy fit, the headband just slips into your hair.

Wear the Glorious Gladiator costume to an office party, a themed club night, out on Halloween, or a historical recreation.  Add some pants and boots for a more subtle gladiator experience.