Gorgeous Gladiator-Lady Costume

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Package includes:

  • Roman dress with armour print
  • Brown wrist cuffs

When in Rome!

It’s time to command attention by slipping into this battle-inspired dress. The top of the dress is a sweetheart neckline and is made from a soft, velvety fabric with light brown detailing resembling armour. Shoulder straps attach to brass rings which are connected to the top. Three leather-like fringe pieces hang off the shoulder straps on each shoulder. The skirt of the dress is a deep red colour and has similar fringe in the front and reflects the armour look in the bodice. Very accommodating, this awesome costume will fit many body types. Included wrist cuffs are a faux-leather with gold trim. The top of the cuff is the same soft fabric as the bodice of the gladiator dress. Gladiator sandals would be an excellent choice for your feet.

Wield your sword and shield to have a complete gladiator Halloween costume.