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Step back into the roaring 20s with our Downtown Doll Flapper Costume – a dress that's all about capturing the glamour and glitz of the Jazz Age! This costume isn't just any attire – it's your 'flap-tastic' way to transport yourself to the iconic era of the 1920s. With a design that's as 'dazzlingly' crafted as it is stylish, this dress will have you feeling like a true 'downtown diva.' Whether you're adding a touch of 'Gatsby-esque' elegance to a themed event or fully embracing the flapper spirit, our Downtown Doll Flapper Costume is the ultimate choice. Don't miss your chance to dance to the rhythm of the past – grab this piece and let the '20s extravaganza' begin!

This costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Headpiece with Ostrich Feather

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