Scarecrow Costume

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The Deluxe Scarecrow Costume includes:

  •  Hat

  • Top

  • Pants

You may not have a brain, but where you lack you make up for it in wit, love, and compassion! In the Deluxe Scarecrow Costume you can transform into a character from your childhood and relive the nostalgic adventure first hand. The top and pants included in the costume are made out of a burlap-sack like material, recreating Scarecrows iconic ‘look’. Patches of blue and red patterned fabric creates a whimsical and ‘worn’ appearance, and the same fabric can be seen as sashes around the waist, wrists, and ankles. Additionally, around the neckline, cuffs, and hems of the top and pant legs, there are long extended pieces of ‘straw’ creating the ‘stuffed’ look that the character is known for in the film. The same straw is attached to the included hat to create the illusion of hair. The hat itself is black with an attached flower, and patterned fabric band. The Deluxe Scarecrow Costume is perfect for the Wizard of Oz fan in your life! Wear out on Halloween night, as part of a group ensemble, to this years comic expo, and more! Head out on your adventure and don’t forget your wit!