Scarecrow Wizard of OzToddler's Costume

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The Toddler Adorable Scarecrow of Oz Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Hood with Collar
  • Pants
  • Hat
  • Rope Waist Tie

Your child will never be head scratchin' with the thoughts their busy hatching when dressing up in this rustic pastoral costume straight out of a farmer's field. And yet they'll be ready to set off to get their brains from the wizard if a young Dorothy turns up to show them the way.

The darling green dress with chocolatey-coloured skirt includes little rushes of straw upon the sleeves and below the collar, with a band of straw across the body and a printed button to lend authenticity. The brown leggings stretch to fit and show appropriate patches. A tan gingham hood, with pleated collar lays under the iconic hat, brown and also patched. The hat includes a green hat band to match the shirt. Finally, a rope belt gives the outfit that certain country feel.

This fun costume is great for play, or for a great photo shoot or upcoming school performance. The Toddler Adorable Scarecrow of Oz would certainly make a fetching costume this October