Deluxe Classic Joker Costume

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  • Deluxe Classic Joker Costume
  • Deluxe Classic Joker Costume


The Men's Deluxe Classic Joker Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Vest
  • Pants
  • Tie
  • Gloves

Embody the criminal mastermind and let free the warped, sadistic and goofy prankster that you've dreamed of being, as you fit yourself into this iconic ensemble defining you as Batman's iconic nemesis. It's time to let others know that you're a bit ... funny in the head. You'll be the one to introduce a little anarchy. You'll be the agent of chaos.

Complete with the Men's Deluxe Classic Joker Costume is a matching pinstripe jacket and pants, complete with flamboyant tails on the jacket, bright yellow flower and faux handkerchief. Five buttons highlight the yellow satiny vest, fitting smartly over the bright green shirt. The sharp purple tie is authentic, enabling a proper Windsor knot. Purple gloves complete the package.

Remember, all it takes is one bad day, and you'll be the Joker you dreamed of. Ready to wear at any game con or similar event, this coming Halloween or just to wear while you plan you next crazy scheme (remember, don't take on the IRS), this costume will remind you, above all things, not to be so serious.

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