Cinderfella - My Hairy Princess Cinderella Costume

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One Size Fits Most

Cinderfella My Hairy Princess Cinderella Funny Men's Costume includes:

  • One-piece dress
  • Headband

Cinderfella, Cinderfella...

This hilarious rendition of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella, changes the traditional role from female to male. This extremely manly one-piece dress features a dual toned blue colour. The sides of the top of the dress and its sleeves are a soft, light blue fabric that is somewhat stretchy and flexible. There is a panel down the centre of the top of the dress in a muted blue satin-like material. This same colour and material is what the flowing skirt of the dress is made out of. Two rows of silver embellishments trim each side of this panel. Two shoulder straps come from the top of the dress and mirror the colour and fabric of the skirt. The sleeves don't fully cover the entire arm, leaving the shoulders and top of the chest bare - don't worry, it's still quite modest. Sheer white fabric trims the cuffs of the sleeves. The same sheer, white fabric is also found at the top of the dress and wraps around the shoulders, chest and back. The top of the Cinderfella dress is elastic, so it should fit most. In the centre at the top of the dress is a faux medallion. This pink fabric medal has pink sequins attached and is trimmed with a golden yellow stitching. Of course, what princess feels pretty without her crown? The Cinderfella My Hairy Princess Funny Men's Costume has just what you're looking for. The headband is beige in colour and has a gold metallic fabric crown sewn to the top. It features similar pink faux "stones" at the top of each peak on the crown. There are three stones and three peaks.

Head out to that ball at the castle this Halloween... Just make sure you're home by midnight!