Poison Ivy DC Super Hero Girls Children's Costume

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Poison Ivy DC Superhero Girls Kids Costume includes:

  • One-piece dress
  • Belt
  • Leggings

The dress is more like a tunic than it is a dress. The top of the dress includes a layer of green, satiny fabric that's attached to an outer layer of sheer, green tulle. The layer of green tulle criss-crosses down the centre of the top of the dress and features roses and vines in two shades of green. The hemlines of the dress are done in gold and red stitching. A strip of Velcro in the back of the costume helps with getting in and out of the dress. The skirt of the dress is simply done in the sheer green tulle. It features the same rose and vine print as the top and the hem is also red and gold stitched. Included with this costume are a pair of leggings which must be worn, as the skirt of the dress is simply too see-through. The satin-like, bright green leggings have an elastic waist. Just after the knee, the leggings become a lighter and paler green and feature vines with leaves wrapping around. A golden coloured glitter is sprinkled throughout this area on each leg. A belt is included with the Poison Ivy DC Superhero Girls kids costume as well. It sits on the waist and ties in the back with a ribbon of the same bright green fabric as the top and leggings. A piece of soft but durable foam features a pink rose and numerous vines and leaves. The belt is designed to wear to the side, so the long pieces of the vine looks as though they're going down the leg.

While some may say Poison Ivy is misunderstood, there is no denying she is a Batman favourite. So, dress your little one up in the Poison Ivy DC Superhero Girls kids costume this Halloween!