Supergirl DC Super Hero Girls Children's Costume

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Supergirl DC Superhero Girls Kids costume includes:

  • Supergirl top with removable cape
  • Supergirl skirt
  • Headband
  • Wrist bands
  • Belt

Up in the sky...

This super six-piece costume is exactly what your little superhero needs to become the incredible Supergirl!

The top of this costume features a white collar which you can fold down. In the back, is a strip of Velcro to fasten. The shirt features a small, two-toned blue, diamond checkered pattern. The fabric of this costume is quite soft and even has a bit of stretch to it. The short sleeves are done in a dark blue metallic fabric and has a fun shine to them. In the centre of the collar is a small foam diamond that hangs. The centre of the shirt boasts a large Supergirl and Superman emblem in red and yellow glitter! The super skirt is a lovely red with yellow hem and is made of a soft, satin-like fabric. This skirt has an elastic waist and you can easily tuck your Supergirl shirt in no problem. The included cape is done in a similar satiny red and easily attaches or detaches from the shirt with Velcro. Supergirl's yellow belt is also included in this six-piece costume. It simply wraps around the waist and secures in the back with Velcro. This belt hides where the shirt tucks into the skirt. A lovely, powder blue headband sits on top of your child's head, while the matching powder blue with gold lightning design wristband goes on one wrist. The red wristband will go on the other wrist.

Let your child fly to new heights in this awesome Supergirl DC Superhero Girls Kids costume this Halloween!