Children's Lego Deluxe Construction Worker Costume

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  • Children's Lego Deluxe Construction Worker Costume
  • Children's Lego Deluxe Construction Worker Costume


Deluxe Lego Construction Worker for kids includes:

  • Patterned square minifigure tunic
  • Rounded Lego head mask with mesh eyeholes
  • Pair of hands
  • Shiny orange pants

This hot orange and yellow Lego Construction Worker costume for kids is very easy to put on and looks great.  The plastic mask perfectly replicates the traditional Lego person face, and the eyeholes have one-way mesh.  The foam body holds its square shape well.

The Lego Construction Worker Costume for kids comes with a fantastic long-sleeved orange foam body piece.  Stitched into a square shape with soft material, the chest is flexible but bounces back into a square easily.  The sleeves are made of sleek fabric and are lightweight and breathable.  The pants are the same as the sleeves and feature an elastic waistband for easy on and off.  The mask is rigid yellow plastic and has large mesh eyeholes to allow optimal visibility.  The mesh can only be seen through in one direction so your child's face will be hidden while he or she has excellent vision.  The mask is held in place with black elastic and has a pad for the forehead to rest on to keep the mask oriented.  The gloves are in the C shape of Lego mitts but have easy access finger holes in case your kid has to do anything more textile.  They are soft and plush with a fair amount of padding helping them keep their style.  

This Construction Worker costume is lightweight and flexible enough for school parties, and can be padded out more for chilly Halloween nights.  

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