CLEARANCE - Toddler/Children's Frankie Mash Super Monsters Costume

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The Children's Frankie Mash Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit

  • Character Headpiece


Well respected for a monster, in the Children’s Frankie Mash Costume your youngster will feel confident and kind as they interact with their peers. Made to recreate the characters outfit from the show Super Monsters, this set comes with a jumpsuit and a character headpiece. The jumpsuit is made to look like both a blue and green top, and a set of blue pants. The ends of all clothing pieces has a jagged hemmed edge to appear as though it is worn or ripped. The character headpiece simulates Frankie’s green forehead and brown hair. The Children’s Frank Mash Costume is great for children's birthday parties, trick or treating, or as a new piece to your tickle trunk.