CLEARANCE - Toddler/Children's Zoe Walker Super Monsters Costume

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The Children’s Zoe Walker Costume includes:

  • Dress

  • Character Headpiece


You may be able to see through solid objects and walk through walls, but you do happen to be undead! The Children’s Zoe Walker Costume recreates the outfit of the character Zoe from the show Super Monsters who is a playful and smart girl that is three years of age. The costumes comes with Zoe’s signature yellow dress with multi-colored splotches. Purple trim creates a pop of color around the bottom hem of the gown, and along the middle of the waist. To recreate the characters hair a character headpiece is included with stuffed pieces for her dreadlocks/braids. The Children’s Zoe Walker costume is great for birthday parties, dress up events, or Halloween night!