Batman Deluxe Dawn of Justice Costume Children's

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Dawn of Justice Batman costume includes:

  • Padded jumpsuit with gauntlets and boot tops
  • Belt
  • Cape
  • Mask

A new take on the Batman as he battles against Superman with this deluxe Batman costume from Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. 

This deluxe Batman costume comes in a grey jumpsuit with velcro pieces in the back for on and off. It has black detailing throughout the costume to give it a more unique look, just like his outfit in the movie. It is a muscle chest costume that is filled with poly-fiber and stitching gives the appearance of abs as well as defining the Batman symbol on the chest. The arms are also filled with poly-fiber. On the sleeves are poly-foam gauntlets in black and have three 'wings' coming off of them in yellow. The attached boot tops are also made from the poly-foam in black and have yellow details. The long, black cape has tattered cut ends and attaches to the jumpsuit with two long strips on the shoulders. The belt is a poly-foam and made to look like a utility belt. It ties around the waist so it will fit any size. The mask is a half face mask and made from a hard plastic. It has an elastic piece at the back. 

Let Lex Luther get you close to Superman with this great Batman costume. Wear this Dawn of Justice costume for Halloween, comic con, expo, dress up time or a group costume with other characters like Superman and Wonder Woman.