Batman Dark Knight Muscle Chest Costume

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  • Children's Dark Knight Batman Muscle Chest Costume
  • Batman Dark Knight Muscle Chest Costume


Dark Knight Rises Batman costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Belt
  • Mask with attached cape

This is a Batman costume from the Dark Knight Rises movie from DC Comics. This is a three-piece costume with a jumpsuit. Belt, and mask with attached cape. The jumpsuit is made of stretchy fabric and the torso is a moulded foam chest piece with raised designs and the outline of a muscular chest with abs. The sleeves have padded shoulders and biceps. The forearms have foam fin-like attachments. The bottoms of the pants have shoe covers attached with foam lining and fasten around the foot with elastic and Velcro. The fake utility belt ties up around the waist. It is made of soft moulded plastic. The mask is a half-mask that covers the eyes and bridge of the nose. It has foam-lined bat ears attached and draping down from the back of the mask is a long black cape. Wear this costume for Halloween, Superheroes vs. Villains costume party, or other comic book-themed costume parties.

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