Children's Alice - Alice in Wonderland Costume

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Alice in Wonderland Children's Costume includes:

  • One-piece dress
  • Lace headpiece
  • Clip-on safety light

*Note: Footwear and petticoat sold separately.

Don't be late for this very important date - Halloween!

This fun spin on the classic Alice in Wonderland costume keeps the traditional colours and mixes in some fun shapes and designs. This classic satiny dress alternates between light and dark blue stripes. The white collar of the costume sits above a sheer layer of tulle with some sparkling glitter mixed throughout. A black bow is tied in the centre of the white collar. Matching black ribbon traces the bottom of the tulle layer where white lace can be seen. The small sleeve caps are elastic at the opening and are trimmed with more white lace. Black ribbon from underneath each sleeve can be found and tied in bows. Running down the centre of the Alice in Wonderland Children's Costume is a panel of white satin-like material with three black buttons adorning the font. Black ribbon trims the sides of this panel as well. At the bottom of the white portion of the front of the dress are two more black bows. A band of white sits at the waist and separates the top and the skirt. While attached to the front of the dress, extra ribbon is provided to wrap around the back of the dress and tied, just like an apron. This idea is reflected in the attached white "apron" you see draping from the centre waistband. Black trim with white lace traces the outside of this apron. Also coming from the sides of the Alice in Wonderland Children's costume is a layer of glittering tulle. This comes from the waist of the dress and only covers the sides. On the front of the dress's bottom, you will see whimsical illustrations of a teapot, pocket watch, "drink me" bottle and crown. The skirt's bottom is then trimmed with a wonderful lace to match the other areas of the Alice in Wonderland Children's costume. Lastly, the black ribbon with white lace headpiece can be used to pull back your little one's hair. The band is elastic and fits most. If you want your little "Alice" to be seen this trick-or-treating season, this thoughtful costume has included a safety light. Simply clip it onto the costume or anything else you'd like noticed.

While you're child's our getting candy, they may run into the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter or even the nasty Queen of Hearts. A fitting reunion in the Alice in Wonderland Children's Costume!