Children's Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland Costume

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  • Kid's Mad Hatter Halloween Costume
  • Children's Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland Costume


Mad Hatter costume includes:

  • Long jacket
  • Vest
  • Bowtie
  • Mad Hatter top hat

This is a licensed Disney costume of the Mad Hatter. This popular Alice in Wonderland costume is great for Halloween. This four-piece costume comes with a jacket, vest, tie, and hat. The jacket is crushed velveteen with pink frilly lace cuffs. The jacket does up in the front with Velcro. The collar and lapels have stiff interfacing. Multi-coloured ribbons hang from a fake hip pocket and there is a small bird design on the left shoulder. The vest does up around the neck with Velcro and an elastic band around the waist. It has fake double-breasted buttoning. The bowtie is stiff and also fastens around the neck with elastic and Velcro. The top hat is large and collapsible with foam lining and interfacing. It is soft velveteen with a ratty ribbon around the brim and the 10/6 measurement card. This is great for trick or treating or dressing up with your friends.

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