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Tear Drop Flapper costume includes:

  • Dress only

This is a 1920s speakeasy flapper costume. Whether you’re a Boardwalk Empire fan, love doing the Charleston, this dress is just what you need for your next Halloween costume.

This is a one-piece costume with a flapper dress. This is a nice sleeveless shift dress made of stretchy comfortable fabric. The front of the dress is covered in circular and dangling teardrop sequins. The sequins also have beading adornments. The circular sequins trim he neckline and the armholes and the rest of the dress has the teardrop sequins. The dress is quite slinky and it is a layer of an opaque slip and over top a see-through shift with the sequins attached to it.

This gorgeous costume is perfect for a retro 20s party, gangster party, or a dress to wear out on the town, to a cocktail party.