Wonder Woman Justice League Costume

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Wonder Woman Ladies Justice League Costume includes:

  • Wonderwoman dress with attached shorts
  • Wonder woman tiara
  • Armband
  • Glovelets
  • Wonder Woman boot tops

**Please note the tiara and armband are stored in the glovelets when you receive the package**

Prove you can do anything as you embrace the Wonder Woman you are with this magnificent costume, the version of you that is so strong, so mighty and so capable, it might change you ways you never guessed. Being a woman is a strength, and Wonder Woman is here to show the way.

Made of strong cloth, with glossy relief highlights throughout. Wonder Woman's familiar uniform is recreated with a soft-but-sturdy cloth that lends to the fantasy feel of wearing body armour. With Bronze iconic breast-plate, red bodice and blue skirt, the skirt is hemmed with gold piping. The uniform zips on the side and features clear straps for the shoulders. The boot covers reflect thigh high boots, with red satiny cloth emblazoned with raised bronze and silver designs. This iconography is matched upon the armband and headband, the latter with Wonder Woman's star. Each of Wonder Woman's wristbands attach with a velcro strap, as does the gold belt and symbol that completes this movie super-heroine's uniform.

When the Justice League calls this Halloween season, remember that you're a child of Hippolyta and Aphrodite, and that you'll be ready to fight for the rights of the weak and against the forces of evil.