Wonder Woman Deluxe Tiara and Cuffs Set

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Wonder Woman Deluxe Set includes:

  • Golden tiara
  • Silver gauntlet cuffs

Spin around real fast and become Wonder Woman!

Ok. Maybe you won't become one of the comic world's leading superheroines, Wonder Woman, but with this deluxe Wonder Woman Tiara and Cuffs set - you'll be close enough! Handcrafted polished steel, this tiara and cuffs set is nearly as beautiful as Wonder Woman herself. Tiara is a gold headpiece that rests on the forehead. It features the iconic red star in the centre. Each cuff is polished silver as well and maintains the silver colour reminiscent of the original comic book. They also feature the same red star on each. Deflect any projectile in this wonderfully authentic deluxe tiara and cuffs set. The edges of the tiara and cuffs feature a braided-like design which causes the pieces to stand out but also gives them a unifying look.

This Wonder Woman Deluxe Tiara and Cuffs set are the perfect addition to your Wonder Woman costume. Looking as authentic as you can, those at the next comic expo might ask you how your battle with Cheetah or Circe went!