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 Introducing our Adaptive Wonder Woman Costume – a heroic outfit designed for all abilities! Embrace the strength and grace of Wonder Woman in a costume that's as empowering as it is comfortable. With easy closures and soft, adaptable materials, this costume ensures that everyone can unleash their inner Amazonian princess. Whether it's a costume party, Halloween adventure, or an everyday heroic playtime, our Adaptive Wonder Woman Costume lets you become the superhero you were born to be. Join the ranks of justice with confidence and style, regardless of your superpower!

This costume includes:

  • Wonder Woman Dress features a front opening panel at the bodice attached with three velcro tabs and a discreet accessibility opening in the fabric beneath
  • Rear of dress can be fully opened and has velcro closures and a waist tie to allow costume to to be put on from a seated position
  • Separate metallic blue cape with gold trim and large gold WW logo on rear has velcro closures at the collar
  • Foam backed, shaped tiara in metallic fabric with print on front and elastic strap, plus two silver shaped arm cuffs in metallic fabric and velcro joins
  • Metallic red and silver boot covers to sit over shoes, with elastic ties to secure