Western Maverick Cowboy Costume

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  • Mens Western Badland Gambler Mavrick Costume
  • Western Maverick Cowboy Costume

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The Mens Western Badland Gambler Maverick Costume includes:

  • Long coat
  • Vest with attached shirt front
  • Pants


It's tough on a cardsharp who's reduced to riding stages through the deep territories to find a card game, where a few cash poor yokels can be fleeced for what they have, but that's a life of a Badlands Gambler. You've made enemies back East, where you owe debts and have left behind a few sore losers. You're either up or down on your luck, but as long as the pots are real you've got the skills to keep going.

They'll know you're no tinhorn when they see you in these fancy clothes, looking prosperous to the nines, if a little tacky for the sticks. The long coat falls to the knees and is made of rich glossy material. A maroon pinstripe shows a tiny diamond pattern, while heavy brass buttons and velvet dress up the waist below the felt lapels. The paisley vest front, with black shirt and collar, closes with a Velcro tab behind the neck. The front buttons open and close. The long black pants stretch for comfort.

You'll have to decide for yourself if you’re the sort that cheats or not – but one thing's for sure, you'll spot a cheater right off.   Wear this costume to any western themed party or show up at a poker night as the only one in costume, just to throw off the marks. Terrific as a Halloween costume anywhere, particularly if the stakes are very high.

Add a top hat, short or long pistol, and gaudy gold rings for your fingers if you want to fully dress the part.

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