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Saddle up and get ready for some rootin', tootin' Wild West action with our Western Cowboy Gun & Holster, the ultimate cap gun set that'll have you "draw-ing" all the attention at the corral! This set is so authentically Western, it's like a one-way ticket to the heart of the frontier, ensuring you're the sheriff of the costume party. Whether you're preparing for a cowboy-themed event, embracing your inner gunslinger, or just adding a touch of "wild" flair to your ensemble, our Western Cowboy Gun & Holster is the key to making your outfit as sharpshooting and as show-stopping as a high noon showdown. So, don't just "mosey" along with the idea; "round up" this cap gun set and become the rootin'-tootin' sensation of the show, partner!

Grab some extra cap rounds to extend the fun!