Werewolf Fangs 4 Teeth Medium | Halloween | Teeth

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Unleash the beast within with our Werewolf Fangs 4 Teeth in Medium, where ferocity meets fashion! These fangs are howlingly perfect for transforming your look into a creature of the night. Crafted with care, they provide a snug fit for comfort, ensuring you can roam the moonlit night in style. Whether you're prowling through a spooky forest or just howling at the full moon from the comfort of your own lair, these fangs are the essential accessory for any werewolf in the making. Embrace the wild side, and let your teeth do the talking at your next costume extravaganza!

  • Includes four plastic fangs , thermal-plastic for adhering them, and complete instructions.
  • Do not use over braces or Crowns.
  • When you follow the instructions your fangs will fit your natural bite. You'll be able to speak and even enjoy cold beverages. (Do not drink hot beverages. The heat can re-melt the thermoplastic.)
  • Your fangs are custom-molded onto your teeth with NON-TOXIC APLHA ONE TM THERMOPLASTIC (no awful smelling, tasting, or mixing of chemicals here!).
  • You can remove the thermal beads and re-heat them as needed but we also sell extra thermal beads, just in case you need to create a new fit on old teeth.
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