Warrior Games Red Huntress Costume

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Red Warrior Huntress Ladies Costume includes:

  • Dress with printed emblem
  • Belt with attached satchel
  • Leggings

*Note: Bow and arrow weapon sold separately.

Inspired by Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, this fiery Red Warrior Huntress costume is sure to make your District proud!

The main component of this three-piece costume is a long, tunic-like shirt. Created with a vibrant red fabric, this shirt features a phoenix-like bird emblem on the chest in a shade of red that's different than the rest of the costume. There is a thick collar which features a strip of Velcro in the back to secure it closed and below the collar is a super soft velvety material. A strip of the same fabric can be found decorating the front of the waist on the shirt. Red metallic fabric trims the area on the front of the costume as well as the waist and sleeves. Two padded shoulder guards are also trimmed with the red metallic fabric. In the centre of the shirt - where the emblem sits - is a panel of a slick red fabric that's similar to a faux leather look; it has the same shine but still feels like a soft fabric. Each sleeve cuff is also done in this fashion. Red leggings are included with the Red Warrior Huntress Ladies Costume. A belt complete with a faux pocket also comes with the costume. This belt is made of the same shining leather-like fabric found in the costume shirt and is trimmed with red metallic fabric. It wraps around the waist and fastens via Velcro in the back.

Pick up a bow and arrow set and tie your hair back to bring to life your Hunger Games inspired character. Black boots will also bring this look together!