Uncle Sam 4th of July Costume

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Uncle Sam USA Icon Men's Costume includes:

  • Jacket with attached vest
  • Pants
  • Hat
  • Necktie

*Note: White dress shirt, wig and goatee sold separately.

Uncle Sam USA Icon Men's Costume wants you... this Halloween!

Uncle Sam is one of the most iconic figures of Americana and he wasn't even a real person. He is the United States of America personified and this costume will help you bring him to life. Uncle Sam's jacket is swallow-tailed coat with attached vest. The jacket is a beautiful shade of blue and features gold metallic fabric trim around the hems and borders of the entire jacket. Golden coloured buttons can be found on the left and right side of this stunning jacket - two on each. Inside, the attached vest boasts a slightly darker shade of blue with white stars. Here you'll also find four brass buttons which fully function to open and close the vest. Next, Uncle Sam's pants are a red and white vertical stripe pair pants with an elastic waist. The material of the pants and jacket seem quite durable and comfortable enough to wear for an evening at a party. The soft, collapsible top hat included with the Uncle Sam USA Icon Men's Costume mirror's the red and white striping of the pants and picks up on the vest by also featuring a band of blue fabric with white stars around its crown. This hat is a soft but durable foam and will stand up straight quite easily. Lastly, the red necktie. This necktie is soft and drapes really well from the collar of the white dress shirt (not supplied). It attaches in back via a Velcro strip which can be somewhat adjusted to fit more comfortably. 

Whether you want a taste of nostalgia or you're partying it up at an awesome theme party, this Uncle Sam USA Icon Men's Costume is ideal for any Halloween party or perfect for election time!