Tween's/Teen's Morty Rick & Morty Costume

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The Rick & Morty Tween Morty Costume includes:

  • Padded shirt
  • Mask


Awkward?  Anxious?  Your grandfather is an insane mad scientist named Rick that distorts reality on the average of once a half-hour?  You may not realize it yet, but your name is actually Morty Smith and you have a sister named Summer and a dog named Snuffles.  Remember that – because half an hour from now it could all be gone forever.

This Morty costume from the Rick & Morty show includes the recognizable yellow shirt that Morty wears, padded and shaped for character.  Morty’s large, round, deeply concerned face is rendered in a deeply compelling vacuform mask, with mesh eyes to hide the wearer’s face while allowing excellent vision.

Despite all that’s happened to you, as Morty you’ve learned to remain a young, good-natured, impressionable boy … which will be very helpful this Halloween when you wear this to a costume event.  Perfect for a couple’s costume, with one depicting Morty’s grandfather Rick.  Together, your Rick & Morty are bound to have many adventures throughout the year at fan expos and other cosplaying events.

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