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  • Lightweight Teen Penguin Costume
  • Penguin | Animals | Childrens Costumes


The Lightweight Teen Penguin Costume includes:

  • Penguin Body
  • Boot covers

Now you’ll be able to blend in a little better as you waddle on down south of the equator in the Lightweight Teen Penguin Costume! With a cute face, black body and flippers, and a fashionable red bowtie, everyone will fall in love with your fishy ensemble!

Made out of a polyester blend material, this costume consists of a fill body suit which Velcro’s up the back. This suit has covered flipper sections over the hands, and the legs end at around the ankle. A pull-over style hood is attached to the suit, and it features attached pieces that create a cute anime style face. Large fabric blue eyes are sewn into the hood along with a yellow pointed end beak and a red bow tie around the collar. On the front of the chest and abdomen there is a large white oval section to act as the penguin’s belly. This costume also includes yellow fabric boot covers which have been cut to look like penguins three pronged feet. These boot covers has a elastic to connect the piece to the ankle, and another elastic around the bottom to connect underneath your shoes.

Your teenager can take this Lightweight Penguin outfit with them to animal themed events, One-Piece Jumpsuit sleepovers, or out on Halloween night! Also perfect for kids activities or birthday parties, everyone will love your adorable appearance!

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