Toddler's Hot Dog Costume

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The Toddler 3-4T Hot Dog Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit


One Size: Toddler (3 - 4T)

Transform your darling youngster into a delicious summer treat, adored by millions for barbecues and baseball games everywhere. This is a wonderful chance to get some very fine pictures that you can use to torment your child in the years to come with how cute they look as a humble sausage.

Fitting over the body as a one-piece costume, with a Velcro tab at the back for closing. The cloth-weave covering is made of soft, giving foam, giving the impression of a hot dog slathered with mustard. A hood depicting the end of the wiener pops up over the wearer’s head.

Sweet and comfortable, your little one will be ready to nap in this as they are ready to head out for Halloween. Fun for taking pictures for future memories and always giftable to the next generation.