Infant's Hot Dog Bunting Costume

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The Infant Hot Dog Bunting Costume includes:

  • Bunting

One Size: Infant (up to 9 months)

This adorable hot dog costume for infants is made in a bunting style, keeping your youngster snuggled close and warm on your big night out!

Made out a polyester blend material, this costume fits over the child’s body and has a pull over style head. There aren’t any holes for the feet or legs in this piece, with there being ample space inside the garment instead. A cream color on either side of the piece creates the ‘bun’ for the hotdog, while a strip of red material from the feet to the hood creates the hotdog itself. There is also additionally attached ‘mustard’ in the form of a long bright yellow piece of fabric down the front.

Dress your infant in this adorable Hot Dog Bunting costume for Halloween, their birthday, or save in a tickle trunk for future fun across generations.