Dragon Knight - Robb Stark | Game of Thrones | Mens Costumes

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  • Thrones Knight LG (ALT)
  • Thrones Knight LG
  • Dragon Knight - Robb Stark | Game of Thrones | Mens Costumes


The Thrones Knight Costume includes:

  • Tunic
  • Vest
  • Belt
  • Cloak
  • Gloves
  • Arm guards
  • Boot covers


Gird yourself well if you expect to take Winterfell from House Bolton and restore dominion over the North. Only then you will be named king … and only after that can you pledge yourself and your army to another, ending your reign soon after. That’s how it goes with the Game of Thrones, where everyone gets to play.

With leather-look sleeves and collar, the loose tunic reaches to the wearer’s knees, tying in front. Embracing the tunic is the supple and rich leather-look vest, which zips up the back and presents a wholly menacing appearance, with straps and gold buckles at the sides and across the chest. Magnificently adorned with a faux-fur collar, the majestic thick velvety cloak rests on the shoulders and ties across the throat with inch-wide leathery straps. The winter fur cloak is truly imposing. A leather-look belt pulls around the waist, while the gloves, arm guards and boot colors add to the black leather look of the costume’s mystique, with gold buckles to add greater style throughout.

Wear this costume come Halloween, against the cold weather, or visit a Game of Thrones costume party as the personification of Jon Snow. Add a sword or crown for game events, cons or fan expos. Once you’ve geared yourself fully in this costume, you’ll be aching for opportunities to wear it … perhaps you might consider beginning a role-playing campaign.

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