Templar Knight Medieval Costume

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One Size fits most (up to 6ft, 200 lbs)

Men Templar Knight costume includes:

  • Tunic
  • Belt
  • Hooded headpiece

Enter the Medieval Middle Ages and join the Templar Knights and be known for your fierce and courageousness in battle with this Templar Knight costume. 

The Templar Knight costume comes with a long, cream coloured tunic. It is lightweight so easy to slip over the head and ties at the back of the neck. The sleeves are faux chainmail made from silver thread and are lined so it does not bother you on the inside. There is a large red cross printed on the front and will be recognizable as the Knight Templar. The hooded headpiece is made to look like the faux chainmail as well with suitable opening for the face. A brown robe belt will tie to any size. 

Don't forget to add your sword to take on the highwaymen of old as this Templar Knight. The costume is perfect for playing the part of Templar Knight, a worthy warrior or dressing up for Halloween.