Teen's Sweet Raccoon Hoodie-Dress Costume

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One size: Juniors (0 - 9)

Raccoon costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Hood
  • Tights
  • Tail
  • Mask

This is a cute raccoon costume. Raccoons are adorable, but don’t be deceived by these mischievous creatures. This is a five-piece costume with a dress, hood, tights, tail and mask. The dress and hood are black velveteen with faux fur trim. The hood is detached. It has strings with plush faux fur pompoms. It also has ears attached to the top of the hood. The tail is faux fur and is stiff plush. There is a clip on it that attaches to a small hoop of elastic at the back of the dress. The tights are black and grey horizontal striped nylons. The mask is a velveteen black eye mask that wraps around the head with elastic. This costume is perfect for Halloween or an animal costume party.