Green Arrow Costume Super DeluxeTV

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Green Arrow The Television Series Super Deluxe Costume includes:

  • Hooded shirt
  • Pants
  • Arm Guards
  • Mask

Also known as 'Hood', 'Vigilante' and "Arrow" this is the officially licensed costume for Arrow, based on the DC Comics Green Arrow. Returning from an isolated island, Arrow takes up the mantle of saving the city from crime which has risen dramatically in his absence. 

The Arrow costume shirt is made from a faux leather material and is a dark green colour. It zippers up the front, making it easier for the costume to get on and off. The front of the shirt has panels and embroidering to give the costume definition. The short sleeves come down and have a cut out section in the armpit, bottom of the arm area. Attached is a green hood, also made from the same material. The pants are also made with the same faux leather material. They feature functional front zipper pockets as well as a zipper fly and button close. You can still wear a belt with the belts loops as well. From about the knee down is a panel with embroidered threading that makes it look like arrows pointing down. The arm guards are made from the same green faux leather with a light poly-foam underneath and two velcro straps  on either side. The mask is made from a soft black faux leather with eye holes and a 2 1/2 strip of velcro to better fit a variety of heads.

This licensed Arrow costume for the television series will hit all the right boxes for Halloween, comic con or expo and is a great piece to have. This superhero will have you ready to fight crime in Starling City in no time.