“Squirm” Crawling Worms FX | Tinsley Transfers Water Applied Prosthetic | Makeup

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Includes: Two (2) Prosthetic Worm transfers

Want the BEST undead look? Take your zombie costume to a whole new level with Squirming worms, an easy to apply transfer that is clear and can blend with any flesh tone, even the un-dead. 

This FX transfer has two worms, they can be applied together as shown on the package, or separately cut out and applied wherever you like. Finish the look by adding some blood gel for a wet fresh look, or stage blood for older dried dead blood. Place on your cheek, and tongue your cheek to make them wiggle! 

Created by Hollywood makeup artists, this 3D Tinsley Transfer is latex free and made from an acrylic polymer and is easy to apply. Instructions are included and no glue or sealing is necessary.

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