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Get your young heroes ready to swing into action with our Spider-Man Costume Premium Kids, the ultimate children's costume that'll have them crawling up the walls with excitement and web-slinging style! This costume is so "web-solutely" amazing, it's like it was spun by a radioactive spider, ensuring your little one transforms into the ultimate neighborhood superhero. Whether they're trick-or-treating, saving the day at a costume party, our Spider-Man costume is the key to making them the friendly, neighborhood star of the show. So, don't just dream of becoming a superhero; let your kids unleash their inner Spider-Man with our Premium Costume because when it comes to children's costumes, we're here to make them the "web-slinging" sensation they were meant to be!

Spider-Man Costume Premium Kids includes:

- Jumpsuit
- Fabric Mask
- 3D Boot tops
- Pair of Gloves
- Molded Webshooters (non-functional)