Slashed Eye Injury Latex Prosthetic

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Includes: One (1) latex appliance

Want to look like a vicious animal just got you? A dinosaur attack, close encounter with a werewolf, or a survivor of a knife fight? The possibilities are endless. Pick up multiple appliances for road rash, and these can be used over and over again.

This slashed eye appliance is a one piece moulded latex gash in a nude colour and painted slightly with a bruised red colour within the gash. This appliance can be worn in more than one place, but check for proper alignment before you apply it. The gash has two gashed parts to it and is attached in the middle, you can use scissors to trim and separate it.

You need spirit gum to apply this appliance, sold separately. Adhesive and makeup remover is also goo to pick up. Add some Stage blood if you want a dried blood effect, or blood gel if you want a wet look.