Silver Sequin Fedora | 20s | Hats & Headpieces

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Get ready to dazzle and shine with our Silver Sequin Fedora from the Roaring Twenties collection! This glitzy accessory is the bee's knees, perfect for adding a touch of vintage glam to your ensemble. With its shimmering sequins that catch the light like stars in the night sky, you'll be the center of attention at any speakeasy or Gatsby-themed soirée. Slip on this fedora, and suddenly, you're transported to the glamorous era of flappers and jazz. It's the cat's pajamas of headwear, so put on your dancing shoes and get ready to Charleston your way into the spotlight. Gals and gents, let's make it a night to remember with a touch of silver sparkle and a whole lot of style!

One Size fits most adults.

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