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Dress to impress with our Short White Theatrical Gloves, the ultimate glove choice that'll have you stealing the spotlight with a touch of "hand-tastic" elegance! These gloves are so sophisticated, they're like the final act of a perfect performance, ensuring your hands are the stars of the show. Whether you're getting ready for a formal event, channeling vintage glam, or just adding a touch of "glove-ly" flair to your ensemble, our Short White Theatrical Gloves are the key to making your style as classic and timeless as a Shakespearean masterpiece. So, don't just wave your hand at the idea; "applause" your look with these gloves because when it comes to accessorizing, we're here to make you the "glove-struck sensation" of the show! Great for so many costumes; clown, Santa, Alice in Wonderland, and bell recitals. This is a plain white short polyester blend glove.

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