Sedusa Sexy Medusa Greek Costume

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The Women’s Sadusa Sexy Medusa Greek Costume includes:

  • Dress with skirt
  • 2 piece snake headpiece


Wearing this Medusa costume, others should beware!  Merely looking you might end in their turning to stone – not from the fact that you’re a hideous monster, as many think, but because of your awe-inspiring beauty.  Of course, that is a cruel irony, if none of your admirers can make a move once you’ve entered the room!

This Medusa’s dress is a silken dream, with a black underlay that reaches from shoulders to ankles, leaving the left leg enticingly uncovered.  Gold ribbons decorate the wide shoulder straps, while the dress features an overlay of diamond gold and green design reminiscent of snakeskin.  The dress is belted stylishly with a heavy bronze ring.  A green ribbon ties at the top of the left leg.  The magnificent headdress fits in two pieces around the face and back of the head, with foam rests for comfort.  A mess of snakes are rendered in marvelous detail, with red eyes, fangs and bronze-gold scales, plus a crown inserted into the design.

Startling for any Halloween party or mythological costume event, as the Medusa has become a symbol of women’s power to freeze men in their tracks.  A lovely piece for game cons or for running a role-playing game of yours, if you can imagine Dungeon Mastering in this!  Add sandals or arm bands for a more authentic look.