Sasquatch Big Foot Mascot Costume

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  • Sasquatch Big Foot Mascot Costume
  • Sasquatch Big Foot Mascot Costume

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The Men’s Sasquatch Big Foot Mascot Costume includes:

  • Fur bodysuit
  • Ani-motion mask
  • 2 Hands
  • 2 Feet


At last, there’s evidence that the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, really exists.  It’s you!  There won’t be any question if the pictures are real, no one will need to take casts of your footprints … there will be a hundred selfies of you taken and plastered across the internet almost instantly.

The ani-motion mask definitely captures a monstrous bigfoot growl as the mouth opens and closes, with the upper lips moving up and down.  The mask is enormous and covered with wild hairy fur upon the top, with the chin and cheeks fully covered.  Rich detail suffuses the rubber of the mask.

This detail is complimented by matching rubber hands and feet, which are also adorned with rich furry hair where the appendages meet the bodysuit.  The hands and feet both include yellowing fingernails and toenails, depicted as splitting and jagged for a powerful touch of authenticity.  Finally, the full body suit, which fits from below the mask to the ankles and wrists, is completely covered with soft brown hairy fur.  Together the effect is wonderful and startling, just the thing to make someone look twice on a dark night.

Trek out of the trees into the realm of Halloween parties and other costume events.  Put an end to the claims of folklore and hoaxes.  Roar defiantly at the humans who were never able to quite push you out of your natural domain.

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