Cheerleader Rydell HighGrease Costume

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The Women’s Rydell High Cheerleader Grease Costume includes:

  • Top
  • Skirt
  • Hair bow


Who doesn’t remember the movie Grease, when Sandy, the good girl from Australia, fell in love with Danny Zucco on the beach over summer … only to say goodbye before first going to America. Meet the costume Sandy was wearing when she met Zucco again and he broke her heart – snap! It is hard to be a cheerleader.

Sumptuous and fuzzy, the Cheerleader’s sweater is made with a lavish knit weave, with the classic logo of Rydell High School, the letter “R” over top a megaphone. The softly pleated skirt, generous to a fault, buttons around the waist. A hair ribbon is included for Sandy’s quintessential “do.”

Get together with your friends and dress up as members of the Grease cast for Halloween … or add a second costume, the bad Sandy from the end of the movie and step out for five minutes to change costumes! Dress for a stage play or a showing of the original film. Don’t forget to include a pair of sneakers and ankle-socks.